Winter Wellbeing

Winter Wellbeing

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    Winter Wellbeing 

    Health, Lashes and Masks are all trending in 2020! So make sure your upto date with this winters craze, while staying well, safe and always stylish.

    Perfect bundle to keep you safe and sparkling this winter season! 

    Get all our fav christmas treats for ONLY ยฃ25 normally worth over ยฃ45 !!!

    Includes :

    • Clean up your Lash kit

    • Operation : Mask-ne silk face mask

    • Operation : Mask diamond face mask

    • Clinical glitter 

    • Get Well Soon lashes

    • No Stress lashes

    • Lash Band-Aid glue 

    • Sanityizer

    colours of diamond and silk face masks may differ from pictures due to stock availability.