Anyone one else seeing this pigment and hearing queen Bโ€™s lyrics in their head? 

    โ€˜You're just like poison 

    Slowly moving through my system breaking all of my defenses with time 

    You're just like poison 

    And I just don't get it, how can something so sparkly feel so right?โ€™

    Yep. Us too! And my oh my it feels right! 

    Your friends, clients and foe will be all wanting you to lace them with โ€˜Poisonโ€™


    Pigment Name: Poison 

    Pigment Dosage: There is no approximate. Pigments should be well looked after and it will differ depending on the useage.  


    Pigment care: 

    Although these will make you happy PLEASE open Carefully, they could have shifted in transport. 


    Donโ€™t open with excitement because emotions are at an all time high when these arrive and could cause serious side-effects: eg SPILLAGE, OVER USAGEโ€ฆ  and many more symptoms. 


    Pigment facts:

    Cruelty free

    Does not come with glue 

    Please Note: All of our pigments are potted by weight, not volume, we find that sometimes the more glittery ones, as they are less dense than the shimmers, once settled in the pot they can appear less than full, we can assure you that they are all potted exactly the same to the fill point.