Medical Miracle

Medical Miracle


    Medical Miracle

    Be your own Dr. and get our complete medical kit saving you over ยฃ100!

    Perfect present bundle for the cure to all your beauty needs!

    Get all Prescription Cosmetics lashes, pigmets, glitters and more for ONLY ยฃ199 normally worth over ยฃ300 !!!

    Includes :

    • All Prescription Eyelashes : Addicted, Hypochondriac, Get Well Soon, Life Support, No Stress, An Apple a Day, Fix Me & Emotional Wreck

    • All Prescription Glitter Pigments : Cardiac, Narcotic, Intoxicated, Calpol, Poison, Cure, Seeing Stars, Kiss of Life, Hot Flush, Bruised, All Dosed Up & Opium

    • All Prescription Neon Pigments : Antidote, Fever, Virus, Sedative, Remedy, Elixir & Recovery

    • Prescription Glitters : Unconscious, Numb, Insane, Sheen Shot, Haemoglobin, Multi-Glitterman, Radiation, Amnesia, Insomniac, Clinical, Under the Knife, Sugar Hallucinogenic, LSD Hallucinogenic, Acid Hallucinogenic,Magic Hallucinogenic & Tropical Medicine

    • Operation : Mask-ne silk face mask

    • Operation : Mask Set : diamond & black reusable face mask

    • Lash Band-Aid glue 

    • Sanityizer

    • Clean Up you Lash kit 


    colours of diamond and silk face masks may differ from pictures due to stock availability.

    does not come with first aid box.