Life Support

Life Support




    These lashes would definitely keep you going in any situation. Don’t leave home without your life support, they should be kept on your person at all times in case of emergencies. If you know a big night out is coming up, and it may get a little bit wild, do the honourable thing and make sure all your BFF’s have a pair to hand. 

    But remember life support shouldn’t cost a fortune (unless Boris gets his hands on them)

    Like everything in life if you look after it well it lasts, including our lashes. Our lashes are 100% reusable up to 20 times provided there well cared for!


    Prescription notes:

    Lash Name: Life Support 

    Lash Dosage: 20 times approximately if well looked after

    Lash care: Clean in between uses. Baby shampoo and clean water normally does the trick to keep them nasty germs away

    Lash facts:

    Dramatic style lash filled with life and volume- 

    4DMink lash 

    Cruelty free

    Doesn't include glue 


    Our Professional Medical Opinion: 

    • Add a coat of mascara to your natural lash to bond to your strip lash...all better!  

    • Measure the lash to your eye and snip away any extra lash that isn’t necessary. 

    • Apply a thin layer of ‘Lash Bandaid’ and allow to go tacky. 

    • Place on your eye as close to your lash line as possible, it should attach as easy as a plaster!