No you're not a hypochondriac, it’s all there, everything your imagining! 

    We can’t medically diagnose the fullness of this lash, but trust us, it’s not all in your head. 

    People may not believe you when you tell them about this lash, but that’s their issue. 

    You know you better than anyone, so put on your lashes and flutter your way through the judgment. 

    They are an ‘ALL THERE’ dramatic lash, possible side effects could cause over the top batting of the eyelids! 

    But remember living in this fantasy doesn’t have to cost a fortune, like everything in life if you believe it can last...it will! Including our lashes, Our lashes are 100% reusable up to 20 times provided there well cared for!


    Lash Name: Hypochondriac 

    Lash Dosage: 20 times approximately if well looked after

    Lash care: Clean in between uses. Baby shampoo and clean water normally does the trick to keep them nasty germs away

    Lash facts:

    Wispy style extra full lash - layered with both short and long lashes

    4D Mink lash. 

    Our fullest lash yet. 

    Cruelty free

    Doesn't include glue 


    Our Professional Medical Opinion: 

    • Add a coat of mascara to your natural lash to bond to your strip lash...all better!  

    • Measure the lash to your eye and snip away any extra lash that isn’t necessary. 

    • Apply a thin layer of ‘Lash Bandaid’ and allow to go tacky. 

    • Place on your eye as close to your lash line as possible, it should attach as easy as a plaster!