Herbal Remedy

Herbal Remedy


    Okay, so we havenโ€™t sourced this glitter from plants or the earth, but we do believe that if mother nature was to make a glitter to solve all your problemsโ€ฆ This would be it! 

    We promise it will contribute towards helping your well-being if you add herbal remedy to your basket.


    Glitter Name: Herbal Remedy


    Glitter Dosage: There is no approximate. Glitters should be well looked after and it will differ depending on the usage.  


    Glitter care: 

    Although these will make you happy PLEASE open Carefully, they could have shifted in transport. 


    Donโ€™t open with excitement because emotions are at an all time high when these arrive and could cause serious side-effects: eg SPILLAGE, OVER USAGEโ€ฆ and many more symptoms.