Lash Band-Aid

Lash Band-Aid




    Lash Band-Aid is more than a patch-up, it’s a healer.

    It is a latex free vegan glue that fixes anything to your face (or body for that matter) that you want fixing. 


    It’s designed to adhere to anything lash, glitter and pigment related, without lifting, creasing or coming away.

    In fact that might be the only issue you find with our’s actually too good. 

    The phrase ‘rip it off like a bandaid’ may have been where we got the idea for the name of our glue, because when it’s on… it’s on!

    Not only is it super strong, smudge proof, waterproof and lasts up to 48 hours, just like a bandaid, it’s the only aid you’ll ever need for lashes.

    With a brush applicator, Lash Band-Aid can be safely, accurately and precisely applied along the thinnest of lash bands. Latex-free and waterproof, this gentle formula can be used by those with sensitive skin with no worries.


    Prescription notes:

    Name: Lash Band-aid 

    Lash Dosage: Differs on usage, however you’ll definitely only need one application for the whole night. 

    Care: Clean round nozzle in between uses. This will ensure our super tacky glue doesn’t get itself in a sticky situation and need medical attention. 

    Glue facts:

    Super strength 


    Latex free

    Cruelty free

    Strip lash glue with an extra hold

    Lasts up to 48hrs


    Our Professional Opinion:

    Application for lashes:

    • Apply a thin layer of ‘Lash Band-Aid’ and allow to go tacky for 10-30 seconds. 


    • For extra security, you can also apply a small amount of glue to the inner corner and outer corner of both eyes. 


    Removal of Lash Band-Aid:

    As we’ve mentioned our glue can be almost ‘too good’ to be true, so please take extra care when removing. 


    For best results we recommend:


    • Soaking area where the glue has been applied, if it is your eyelid we recommend soaking with a damp cotton pad (soaked with either eye makeup remover or lukewarm water) and holding on top of the area until the glue starts to lift. 


    • For lashes we recommend taking a cotton bud (soaked with either eye makeup remover or lukewarm water) and gently running it back and forth across the lash line until the lash begins to peel off. 


    • It is important we mention DO NOT RUB HARSHLY! Especially on the eye area, as it will irritate your skin.