First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit




    First Aid Kits are a necessity so that creative care can be given immediately! 

    Our Head Doctor got together with Dr Shine, Dr Sparkle and Dr Flutter to put this care package together so that you’ll never have to panic when helping yourself or others in an emergency beauty situation, and because our doctors want everyone to have a kit to hand when help is needed, they’ve put together a kit worth over £25 for just £15.99 !!! 


    Makeup woes can become makeup emergencies when that lash just won’t stick on properly. 

    Phew, not to fear, you got Lash Band-Aid in your first-aid kit, and you’ve got it here! 


    Accidents are unexpected, and it’s not your fault, you forgot to pre order lashes for your big night out…

    but not to panic, they came in your prescription box, so just pop them on, so you can stop acting manic. 


    Peace of mind is key, and that plain black dress you thought would be enough… well it just looks bland. 

    However let’s not stress, I'm sure you can find a cute pigment in your First Aid box that will ‘jazz up’ that dress. 


    Whatever your emergency, make sure that you purchase a first-aid kit so that you never have to worry again!


    First Aid Kit is a random selection of Prescription Cosmetics products, to bring you your medical essential goodie bag. Simply add to cart and the doctor will diagnose what kit is needed for you.


    (Please Note: not all contents in these images will be included in your First aid kit. This is for visual purposes only. The contents of your box will include random selection of products worth £25 or over selected specially by our doctors)