Everyone has their weakness and we totally understand if this lash is yours. 

    After all, it's been a go to, helped you feel good when times were tough and been there for you in every necessary situation. We get it babe, you donโ€™t need to give up your addiction to โ€˜Addictedโ€™... because we're definitely not! 

    They are a dramatic style lash that has its highs and lowsโ€ฆ the best things always do!

    But remember this addiction doesnโ€™t have to cost a fortune, like everything in life if you spend wisely, it lasts, including our lashes. Our lashes are 100% reusable up to 20 times provided there well cared for!


    Lash Name: Addicted 

    Lash Dosage: 20 times approximately if well looked after

    Lash care: Clean in between uses. Baby shampoo and clean water normally does the trick to keep them nasty germs away

    Lash facts:

    Wispy style gappy lash - layered cross lash with both short and long mink hairs

    4D Mink lash 

    Super curl 

    Cruelty free

    Doesn't include glue


    Our Professional Medical Opinion: 

    • Add a coat of mascara to your natural lash to bond to your strip lash...all better!  

    • Measure the lash to your eye and snip away any extra lash that isnโ€™t necessary. 

    • Apply a thin layer of โ€˜Lash Bandaidโ€™ and allow to go tacky. 

    • Place on your eye as close to your lash line as possible, it should attach as easy as a plaster!